Terms & Conditions


-       Weekends are exclusive to weddings, there are no Saturday or Sunday trials available. 

-       A pre-trial form must be completed before the trial date. 


-       25% non-refundable booking fee is due to secure your wedding date, failure to pay this 7 days after the invoice is sent your wedding date will be released. 

-       The final payment is due 4 weeks leading up to the wedding. 

-       The trial must be paid prior via bank transfer the day before the trial. 

-       The booking fee is non-refundable due to covering the costs of products purchased for the wedding and admin cost. 


-       If you have a larger bridal party and it occurs that I am unable to get everyone ready on time, I can bring along an experienced team to assist me. 

-       There may be a small charge to cover this; prices can be advised once I know your requirements. 

Cancellation Policy

-       Cancellation of the booking by myself -will result in a refund of 100% of costs already paid by the client. In the unlikely event that I am unable to make your wedding appointment due to personal emergency, act of god, and severe illness I will try to find you an alternative makeup artist whom I highly recommend. They will receive a brief and any products required that they might not have in there kit. Its up to the client’s discretion if they choose to use the makeup artist I recommend. 

-       Evie Cervenka reserves the right to refuse service to the client or members of the bridal party for, abusive/rude or unreasonable behaviour. 

-       If you make the decision to cancel your booking, the following charges will apply. 

The percentages are the proportion of the total booking cost. 

  • 12 weeks before the wedding 30%
  •  8 weeks before the wedding 40%
  •  6 weeks before the wedding 50%
  •  4 weeks before the wedding 100%

-        In the unfortunate event you have to cancel your booking, cancellations    need to be made within 3 months of the reserved date in order to avoid the cancellation fee. 

Client Responsibility 

-       It’s the client’s responsibility to make Evie Cervenka aware of any known allergies or skin sensitivities that they or their bridal party may have, and if so Evie highly recommends a consultation. If on the rare occasion that any of the bridal party has any contagious skin infections Evie will refuse treatment. 

-       If the client or party requires a patch test for any products, this can be arranged for a small fee prior to a trial     run. 

-       Please ensure all members who are having hair and makeup on the wedding morning turn up with dry hair and a makeup free face.

-       If someone turns up late to have their hair or makeup done on the morning, it’s their responsibility. 


-       Evie Cervenka is not liable for any suppliers that she recommends. Evie has public liability insurance and is covered by Salon Gold. 

-       Evie Cervenka is not liable is there is an electricity outage at the venue therefore unable to use hair styling tools and there won’t be any light to do the makeup. 

Image use

- Evie Cervenka takes photographs of you at your consultation and of you on your wedding day. They will be used for social media use and portfolio, please state if you would not like any photos taken/used for marketing. 

Travel Expenses 

-       10 miles total travel is included per appointment. For distance over 10 miles, the travel charges are 45p per mile. Journeys over an hour and 30 minutes are additional £10 per 30 minutes will be added to the mile.


-       Evie Cervenka takes your privacy seriously and are fully GDPR compliant. You have provided Evie Cervenka with your contact details so that Evie Cervenka can correspond with you about your wedding hair and makeup as agreed. Evie Cervenka will only use your personal information to administer your booking and to provide the services you have requested. Evie Cervenka will not pass on or sell your details to any other organisation. 

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