A few favourite eyeshadow Palettes


I’ve always loved eye
makeup, eye shadows and glitters- it’s my favourite part of doing someone’s
makeup. There are so many different palettes out these days with a large
selection to choose from.

Here are a few of my
favourite’s that are handy to create various different looks:

Firstly Charlotte Tilbury’s
Luxury Palettes are great, they are so easy to use with a step-by-step guide to
follow on the back, I have ‘The Dolce Vita’ which is a more golden-based range
of colours and I also have ‘The Uptown Girl’ which is a grey Smokey range of
colours. They retail at £39.00 which is a higher end price but you definitely
get what you pay for, they are a creamy formula making them very easy to blend
seamlessly and I’ve used mine loads on my self and on clients are they aren’t
showing signs of ruining out any time soon. What I also love about these
pocket-sized palettes is that they have a mirror inside and they are quite

I also have the Charlotte
Tilbury Limited Edition instant eye palette, which unfortunately I don’t think
you can get anymore. When I saw this came out I had to have it, its perfect to
take everywhere with you as it can create such a large range of looks with it.
It did retail at £60.00, which is a lot for an eyeshadow palette but the whole
concept and packing are great and definitely have that luxury feel about it.

For a lower end price range
of eye shadows palettes are from Zoeva Cosmetics. I honestly love everything
from Zoeva especially there eyeshadow palettes not only they are just retailing
at £17.50!!! They are brilliant quality and you get 10 different shadows per
palette, which are a good size. I always recommend Zoeva to anyone not just
because they are a reasonable price but you get more than what you pay for. I
have ‘The Basic Moment’ and ‘Cocoa Blend’ both are used constantly in my kit-
for me, as I’m a Makeup Artist these are get because they weigh nothing. I
really want to get some more!

Another great eye shadow
palette is the rubies and cavier palette from Bobbi Brown, is has a great range
of colours and one amazing glitter in the middle. You can create an every day,
look to a more dramatic evening look using navy blue and the glided glitter

My favourite eye shadow
brushes that I always reach for, are from Spectrum Collections, Real Techniques
and Mua Cosmetics.

I hope you like this blog
post, I only listed a few of my favourite otherwise it would’ve been a very
long blog post as there are so many! Please comment below with your favourite
palettes or even single eyeshadows!

Thank you for reading.

Evie xx

Holiday Essentials

Hello, here’s my next blog on my Holiday essentials as it’s
that time of year when everyone is going away! This blog has some of the things
I always take away with me not just only the makeup I take but other products
as well.

Firstly we can start with sun cream, we all know how
important sun cream is I usually go for Vichy factor 30, it’s a hydrating milk
so it feels lovely on the skin and it smells amazing! Face sun cream is the
most important as well as the rest of your body, and making sure you get sun
cream right up to your lower lash line as this can reduce dark circles under
your eyes. You should wear SPF everyday; the best way is to get a foundation or
moisturiser that has it in already so you don’t forget.


Taking a good body moisturiser is an essential, I’ve always
loved the Nivea Express Hydration it sinks into the skin so quickly and doesn’t
leave it feeling sticky. This is a great product everyone needs to try it. This
also smells great. Its not very expensive and well keep your skin hydrated
after a long day in the sun.


Another great product to take as well as hair oil is a hair
mask, when your hair is in the sun all day and going in and out of the sea it
can dry your hair out very quickly. This is great to use once every couple of
weeks. This L’Oreal coconut hair mask is great to put in your hair over night
and the next day it looks silky and soft. I also think everyone needs to try


I read about this shower gel in a magazine earlier on in the
year and it just smells of summer and going on holiday, it definitely makes
your skin feel fresh. It’s my favourite shower gel at the moment and I keep on
buying it. Its really cheap, its £1.00 from boots at the moment for 250ml.


After I’ve put my Nivea ‘Express Hydration’ Moisturiser on
sometimes I add Nuxe oil, which can be used for face, body and hair. This one
gives the skin a great glow and perfect to put on your arms and legs in the
evening, as it has a shimmery finish.


Now onto what makeup I take on holiday with me, when I go
away I don’t tend to wear much makeup I try to give my skin a break, in the day
I wear, sun cream on my face normally factor 50, waterproof mascara from Revlon
and on my lips Dior ‘addict lip glow’! In the evenings I sometimes just put on
some Charlotte Tilbury ‘Wonder Glow’ or if I want a put more covered I go for
Charlotte Tilbury ‘ Healthy Glow’ this is such a great product, it comes out of
the tube white and then when you rub it in, the colour shows on your skin
giving a lovely sun kissed glow. For bronzer of course go for my Chanel ‘Soleil
tan de Chanel’ I prefer to use a cream bronzer on holiday so the finish isn’t
flat. I also take my Bobbi Brown ‘pink shimmer brick’ this is a perfect holiday
blusher for all skin types. If I want to glam up an evening look of course I
always take a selection of eye shadow pallets, when on holiday I normally reach
for more golden tones, as it looks great with a tan. In the summer I love lip-glosses
instead of a lipstick my favourite lip-gloss has always been Charlotte Tilbury
‘Sweet Stiletto’.  I take a small
selection of brushes with me from Real Techniques, Spectrum and Bobbi Brown.

My go to perfume has always been Jo Malone ‘Grapefruit’ for
as long as I can remember. Everyone loves this scent; it’s a perfect holiday
perfume, its not to strong and has a very uplifting smell to it. 


For those of you who want to know the hat in the picture is
from Warehouse and the sunglasses are from Polaroid. Links belowJ



Hope you enjoy, thank you for reading!


Everyday Makeup Look

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t done a blog for a while,
I promise I’m going to start doing them regularly. This weeks one is going to
be based on my everyday, go to makeup that’s quick and simply that anyone can

Firstly, I start of with a hydrating moisturiser to create a
good base for the foundation to sit on; my go to foundation is a high street
foundation by Bourjois “Healthy Mix” I go between shade 3 and 4. I start in the
middle of the face and blend outwards, using a Bobbi Brown full coverage face
brush or real techniques foundation brush; I build up the foundation over the
areas that need more coverage.

I then move onto the eyebrows, at the moment I love the goof
proof brow pencil by Benefit in shade 3, Benefit definitely do my favourite
range of brow products. I go for a very natural shape and fill in where needed.
On the eyes I normally just use a bit of bronzer in the crease to create some
definition, but at the moment I’m loving the Kiko long wear cream shadow sticks
especially shade 06, it’s a lovely natural brown tone with some sparkly flecks
in it, I swipe of the eyelid below the crease and blend with my finger to get a
very light wash of colour.  I then apply
black volume mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Once I’ve finished the eyes I finish the rest of my base,
using Maybelline concealer under the eyes blending in with my finger or a
deluxe crease brush from Real Techniques, and set with a light amount of
translucent powder just where I’ve put concealer not over the whole face,
unless you want more of a matte finish to the skin, whereas I prefer a dewy
finish. I then add my cream bronzer from Chanel, a cream highlight my go to is
Topshop glow pot in gleam, finishing with Charlotte Tilbury blusher in First
Love on the apples of my cheeks and over my cheek bones.

To finish the look add some lips is essential, I normally go
to Peach Blossom from Mac which is a pinky/peachy cream sheen shade, or a lip

That’s the look complete, it shouldn’t take you much longer
then 15 minutes, I would love to hear what your everyday makeup is, please
comment below.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to follow me on instagram


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