Everyday Makeup Look

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t done a blog for a while,
I promise I’m going to start doing them regularly. This weeks one is going to
be based on my everyday, go to makeup that’s quick and simply that anyone can

Firstly, I start of with a hydrating moisturiser to create a
good base for the foundation to sit on; my go to foundation is a high street
foundation by Bourjois “Healthy Mix” I go between shade 3 and 4. I start in the
middle of the face and blend outwards, using a Bobbi Brown full coverage face
brush or real techniques foundation brush; I build up the foundation over the
areas that need more coverage.

I then move onto the eyebrows, at the moment I love the goof
proof brow pencil by Benefit in shade 3, Benefit definitely do my favourite
range of brow products. I go for a very natural shape and fill in where needed.
On the eyes I normally just use a bit of bronzer in the crease to create some
definition, but at the moment I’m loving the Kiko long wear cream shadow sticks
especially shade 06, it’s a lovely natural brown tone with some sparkly flecks
in it, I swipe of the eyelid below the crease and blend with my finger to get a
very light wash of colour.  I then apply
black volume mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Once I’ve finished the eyes I finish the rest of my base,
using Maybelline concealer under the eyes blending in with my finger or a
deluxe crease brush from Real Techniques, and set with a light amount of
translucent powder just where I’ve put concealer not over the whole face,
unless you want more of a matte finish to the skin, whereas I prefer a dewy
finish. I then add my cream bronzer from Chanel, a cream highlight my go to is
Topshop glow pot in gleam, finishing with Charlotte Tilbury blusher in First
Love on the apples of my cheeks and over my cheek bones.

To finish the look add some lips is essential, I normally go
to Peach Blossom from Mac which is a pinky/peachy cream sheen shade, or a lip

That’s the look complete, it shouldn’t take you much longer
then 15 minutes, I would love to hear what your everyday makeup is, please
comment below.

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Spring makeup trends 2018

Spring has finally arrived with some classic makeup trends
making a come back such as the classic red lip and new ones such as glass skin,
ditching the contour and focusing on digging out the blusher that’s at the
bottom on your makeup bag.

I love new trends and in this blog post I’m going to mention
a few of my favourite I’ll be wearing this spring.

Firstly, I believe the most important part of your makeup is
how your skin looks. This spring it’s all about glass looking radiant skin.
When creating this look you want to be reaching for everything and anything
with radiant/glowing on the packaging. Most importantly to gain glass skin is
all about the skin routine, looking after your skin is very important and have
a good routine ensures this; the skin needs to be highly hydrated. To add to
this glass skin makeup look, focus on the natural brows, reach for the nude
lipstick which everyone has that suits them, adding a touch of concealer under
the eyes, around the nose and where necessary. To finish these looks off apply
plenty of highlighter to get that spring glow.

Lets focus on the eyes, this season its all about adding a
pop of aqua colour to the lower lash line, this works really well with blue
eyes but everyone needs to try it! It’s a gorgeous way to finish off a look.

Another colour to be adding to your eyes this season is
lilac, its around everywhere it’s a colour for spring, not only within makeup
but fashion too! Apply to the eyelids and wing it out if you want a more
defined harsh look.

With glass looking skin and aqua colour on the eyes, ditch
those matte lipsticks and go back to the gloss. This season it’s all about the
gloss and lip stains. Pair a cherry lip stain with a clear gloss you’ll be
rocking the most effortless and easiest trend around!

Here are a few on my makeup looks I’m loving this spring,
please comment below and send me pictures of your spring looks this season!

Thank you for reading! :)

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All different types of Face Masks!

I’ve always suffered with my skin, and have tried hundreds of different skin care products. This blog post is focusing on different face masks I’ve tried recently and ones that I would recommend. I’ll be doing another blog post of my favourite skin care products. Theres nothing better than an good facial, and they are really good for your skin. Your skin is something you really need to look after, with a good skin care routine, eating healthy and more importantly drink lots of water. 

Charlotte Tilbury, Goddess Skin clay mask- £38.00

I got introduced to this when I went got my makeup done at Charlotte Tilbury just before christmas as a treat and they used this mask on me before I had my makeup done and I fell in love with it instantly. Once they took the mask off it left my skin feel nourished, my pores looked tighter and instantly improved the textured of my skin. I got given one in a goodie bag at the end and once its run out I will definitely replace it. I use it once or twice a week at the moment, and its my favourite face mask of the moment! 

Body Shop- £17.00 100ml

1. Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

This is a great face mask if you want instant hydration into the skin. Its a different texture to all the other face masks I use, it just looks like your putting honey on to your face, but its cool and soothing. It leaves the skin feeling instantly soft and nourished. Its reasonably priced and lasts a long time. You can use this 1-2 times a week.  

2. Chinese Ginseng & Rice clarifying polishing mask

I have dry/sensitive skin, this face mask is a gentle exfoliant, and its to abrasive on the skin. It gentle exfoliates and takes off the dead skin cells, leaving the skin feel softer with a more even skin tone. The product lasts a while, I use this once a week and it smells great! 

Sephora, Sheet Masks- €6 

I’ve wanted to try these for a while, when I went to Paris recently for Paris fashion week, assisting doing the makeup for the OAMC show. Went to Sephora and picked up a few things, two sheet masks I got were the green tea and the other is avocado. So far I’ve only try the green tea one and I loved it, left it on for 15 minutes, once i took it off, rubbed in the excess and my skin felt instantly refreshed. These were cheap and next time I’m near a Sephora I will defiantly pick up some more. 

Thank you for reading.

Enjoy! x

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