Spring makeup trends 2018

Spring has finally arrived with some classic makeup trends
making a come back such as the classic red lip and new ones such as glass skin,
ditching the contour and focusing on digging out the blusher that’s at the
bottom on your makeup bag.

I love new trends and in this blog post I’m going to mention
a few of my favourite I’ll be wearing this spring.

Firstly, I believe the most important part of your makeup is
how your skin looks. This spring it’s all about glass looking radiant skin.
When creating this look you want to be reaching for everything and anything
with radiant/glowing on the packaging. Most importantly to gain glass skin is
all about the skin routine, looking after your skin is very important and have
a good routine ensures this; the skin needs to be highly hydrated. To add to
this glass skin makeup look, focus on the natural brows, reach for the nude
lipstick which everyone has that suits them, adding a touch of concealer under
the eyes, around the nose and where necessary. To finish these looks off apply
plenty of highlighter to get that spring glow.

Lets focus on the eyes, this season its all about adding a
pop of aqua colour to the lower lash line, this works really well with blue
eyes but everyone needs to try it! It’s a gorgeous way to finish off a look.

Another colour to be adding to your eyes this season is
lilac, its around everywhere it’s a colour for spring, not only within makeup
but fashion too! Apply to the eyelids and wing it out if you want a more
defined harsh look.

With glass looking skin and aqua colour on the eyes, ditch
those matte lipsticks and go back to the gloss. This season it’s all about the
gloss and lip stains. Pair a cherry lip stain with a clear gloss you’ll be
rocking the most effortless and easiest trend around!

Here are a few on my makeup looks I’m loving this spring,
please comment below and send me pictures of your spring looks this season!

Thank you for reading! :)

Instagram: @eviecervenkamua 


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