A few favourite eyeshadow Palettes


I’ve always loved eye
makeup, eye shadows and glitters- it’s my favourite part of doing someone’s
makeup. There are so many different palettes out these days with a large
selection to choose from.

Here are a few of my
favourite’s that are handy to create various different looks:

Firstly Charlotte Tilbury’s
Luxury Palettes are great, they are so easy to use with a step-by-step guide to
follow on the back, I have ‘The Dolce Vita’ which is a more golden-based range
of colours and I also have ‘The Uptown Girl’ which is a grey Smokey range of
colours. They retail at £39.00 which is a higher end price but you definitely
get what you pay for, they are a creamy formula making them very easy to blend
seamlessly and I’ve used mine loads on my self and on clients are they aren’t
showing signs of ruining out any time soon. What I also love about these
pocket-sized palettes is that they have a mirror inside and they are quite

I also have the Charlotte
Tilbury Limited Edition instant eye palette, which unfortunately I don’t think
you can get anymore. When I saw this came out I had to have it, its perfect to
take everywhere with you as it can create such a large range of looks with it.
It did retail at £60.00, which is a lot for an eyeshadow palette but the whole
concept and packing are great and definitely have that luxury feel about it.

For a lower end price range
of eye shadows palettes are from Zoeva Cosmetics. I honestly love everything
from Zoeva especially there eyeshadow palettes not only they are just retailing
at £17.50!!! They are brilliant quality and you get 10 different shadows per
palette, which are a good size. I always recommend Zoeva to anyone not just
because they are a reasonable price but you get more than what you pay for. I
have ‘The Basic Moment’ and ‘Cocoa Blend’ both are used constantly in my kit-
for me, as I’m a Makeup Artist these are get because they weigh nothing. I
really want to get some more!

Another great eye shadow
palette is the rubies and cavier palette from Bobbi Brown, is has a great range
of colours and one amazing glitter in the middle. You can create an every day,
look to a more dramatic evening look using navy blue and the glided glitter

My favourite eye shadow
brushes that I always reach for, are from Spectrum Collections, Real Techniques
and Mua Cosmetics.

I hope you like this blog
post, I only listed a few of my favourite otherwise it would’ve been a very
long blog post as there are so many! Please comment below with your favourite
palettes or even single eyeshadows!

Thank you for reading.

Evie xx

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